Quite every VPN advertisement will tell you that this tool protects your privacy and gives you access to geo-restricted content. However, these are not the only uses of a VPN. This instrument hides your IP address allowing you to pretend that you’re located in some other area than you really are. And you can leverage it for much more than just hiding your identity to remain anonymous.

Online shopping made easy

Did you know you might see a different price in an online shop because you’ve either visited it already or users in your location are displayed different prices in general? That’s the trick some e-commerce websites are visiting. All the sites on the internet can see your location and websites you’ve been at thanks to the cookies and other data you pass the server once you pop on it. So it’s effortless for an e-commerce site to just display different information for you.

To check whether you’re getting higher prices or not, try deleting the cookies and turning on iNinja before you enter the online shop you’re going to buy items from. And even if the seller is conscientious enough to not resort to such tricks, you will keep your connection protected. iNinja covers your data making it virtually impossible for hackers to intercept your data and steal your credit card details which is useful when you’re paying online.

Enjoy Netflix and Youtube without delays

It’s not news that a VPN allows you to access the geo-restricted content on streaming services. But there is another reason you might want to use iNinja when watching something on Youtube or Netflix. These platforms are extremely popular, especially lately as the worldwide lockdown forced all of us to stay at homes. And internet service providers often throttle the connection speed for a user who’s accessing such streaming services to decrease the usage. That’s why you might suddenly experience buffering and errors.

iNinja will hide your activity from your internet service provider and it won’t know you’re watching videos. Therefore, it won’t try to throttle your connection speed, and you’ll enjoy smooth streaming. Just stick to locations that are as close to you as possible to get the highest speed.

Games and torrenting without delays

Games and torrents also get quite a lot of traffic and often are treated by internet service providers like Netflix and Youtube. The concept is the same — you turn on a VPN before entering the game or beginning downloading something from torrents, and your ISP remains unaware of your activity. Thus, you’re both getting a higher connection speed and protecting yourself from any consequences torrenting might cause in your country.

Avoid issues when shopping online from another country

Imagine that you’re traveling and you decide to do a bit of online shopping so that the purchase gets delivered right when you arrive back home. That’s very convenient. However, you might experience issues when you do so because of your current location.

Some online stores will detect the discrepancy if your bank card is issued in your country, the delivery address is within your country, but your IP address shows that you’re located in another area. Then the seller might either decline the payment or ask you to show documents that would prove your identity. It happens because online stores are trying to protect their customers from malefactors who could be shopping using a stolen bank card.

To avoid this predicament, simply connect to a VPN server located in your country using iNinja and then begin your online shopping session. It will help you to not raise suspicions.

Get lower prices for plane, bus, and train tickets

When you’re planning a long trip that involves you traveling between or within countries you’re not currently located in, you might get different information about tickets. Often websites that sell tickets for planes, buses, and trains would show you higher prices for those who are not located in the departure country. You can avoid this by pretending you are in fact currently located in this area.

Just connect to a VPN server that’s placed in the required country and see if the information about price changes. You also might see that there are more tickets and routes available now than it was before you’ve used iNinja.

Protect your VOIP calls

As we’ve switched globally to remote working, the usage of VOIP services such as Skype has increased significantly. And the snooping increased just as much. Hackers can intercept valuable corporate data that are discussed over a VOIP call if one of the participants of this conversation is connected to an unprotected network.

By simply turning on iNinja before beginning a call you will hide your IP address thus becoming invisible for malefactors. You can ask the person you’re calling to do the same to make sure your private conversation doesn’t become public.

Make sure your data is safe in public places

Now as restaurants and hotels are opening again, we all are excited to go out and enjoy this almost forgotten feeling of being treated well by staff. However, with all this joy we shouldn’t forget that over the lockdown public WiFi networks didn’t become suddenly safe. In most places, they’re just as unprotected as they were before the pandemic.

Use iNinja when you’re connecting to a public WiFi to hide your device from hackers thus cutting their access to it. Then even if you connect to a hacked router, you will remain safe anyway because a VPN shields you from malefactors.


iNinja’s primary goal is to mask your IP address with an IP of a VPN server to let you stay anonymous. But there are other ways you can use this concept, and we’ve discussed the uses in this article. Hopefully, these seven approaches gave you a better insight into the value of a VPN. And perhaps, you will come up with your very own way of making iNinja even more useful for you.