Finally! Our freedom is back! Well, partially. After over a year of being stuck in our homes, we now have an opportunity to travel at least somewhere farther than a shop nearby. We finally get to experience the rush of an airport again and all the beauties of a plane trip: blocked ears, the view from the window, disgusting plane food, those butterflies in the stomach when the plane flies up and down, crying infants…

We finally get to see other cities and even countries! Isn’t that exciting? But there is someone else who is excited, too. Hackers. Oh, they’re so excited to get new victims coming right into their traps they’ve carefully prepared to strip tourists of some money or data. And since our excitement about the travel mixed with an overall relaxation a vacation brings makes us more carefree and less attentive, we become easy targets for malefactors.

You might think that you can’t be of interest to hackers since you’re just an ordinary person. But that’s a mistake to think so. The data of an ordinary person is exactly what malefactors are looking for. Remember that a few grand you have saved in your bank account might amount to an annual income of an ordinary person in a country you go to. Why wouldn’t they want to steal this money? Especially, considering that as an ordinary person yourself you don’t have somehow reinforced bank accounts and personal assistants who could detect a theft attempt.

And we didn’t even mention governments yet. They might be hunting your data, too — movement, social media, etc. This information can be useful for statistics and other needs of a government. Also, this data will be interesting to marketers who can use it to target ads better. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the cybersecurity risks you’re facing during your trips.

Fortunately, we have the iNinja VPN app that will protect us while we’re enjoying our trips. This free VPN app reroutes your connection to VPN servers thus hiding your IP address and making you anonymous. Therefore, it will be impossible for hackers to get enough data to get into your device and steal whatever they’re aiming for.

Furthermore, we will explore all the ways iNinja VPN can protect us during a travel and even help us save a bit of money.

Once you’re connected to a WiFi

Public WiFi networks are seldom secure because to make them safe someone needs to take care of software — keep it updated and install some protection. And virtually no one does that. It’s a safe bet that that popular cafe near your hotel doesn’t protect its router used to provide clients with an internet connection. The same goes for WiFi networks in airports and hotels — really, no one takes proper care of their security. And once you’re connected to a compromised WiFi, your device is an open door to your data for hackers. They can easily enter it and steal whatever they want as well as see all the activities you perform. So data or money theft isn’t the only issue you might face. Malefactors can also blackmail you for something.

You can’t trust even WiFi in your Airbnb despite that you’re supposedly the only one using it. You don’t know if a person next door is also connected to it and waiting for a victim. Finally, not all hotspots are real. Malefactors can establish already compromised WiFi networks and name them accordingly to some popular place nearby — say, Starbucks. Once you’re connected to it, you become a victim.

A good solution would be to stick to mobile data. But internet in roaming tends to be very expensive. And if you don’t want to buy a local SIM card, it’s not an option for you to keep using mobile internet everywhere. But there is another way out — a VPN.

The iNinja VPN app will keep you and your activity anonymous making it impossible for hackers to take any advantage of you. They will see that someone is connected to a WiFi network but they won’t be able to get into your device.

Protect your work data

If you’re taking a popular nowadays workation — the mix of having a vacation and still performing some work tasks — you definitely need a VPN app guarding you. Considering all the issues with public WiFi networks we’ve mentioned above, you simply can’t afford to have this threat hanging over your corporate data. Data leaks cost rather a lot of money, and a company will most likely lose its trustworthy reputation if any client information was stolen. So just use the iNinja VPN — it will protect your data while not cutting the connection speed.

Access geo-restricted content

When you arrive at another country, you might discover that the websites you’ve been freely browsing from home are now blocked for you because it’s not available in this country. The iNinja VPN solves this issue easily. Just connect to a server located in your home country and enjoy all the content as if you’re sitting on your own couch. Local laws regarding online privacy can be tricky — not every government allows the use of VPN apps. So make sure you download your free iNinja VPN at home.

Save some money

Airlines and flight tickets aggregators can play tricks with you changing prices displayed for you depending on your location. And since your IP address gives websites a clear understanding of where you are, changing prices is easy for them. So when you’re looking for tickets both at home and in the country you’re visiting, try switching between different servers the iNinja VPN app offers and see if the prices change. Sometimes, the difference is rather significant. That’s how our free VPN app for Windows, macOS, and mobile operating systems will save you money.

Stay relaxed during your vacation while the iNinja VPN has your back! This free app is compatible with all devices — so make sure you protect all your gadgets.