We are used to having an Internet connection all the time. If we’re walking down the street - the mobile data is at our service. And once we walk into some cafe or any other public place - there will definitely be an available hotspot. Of course, we won’t think twice before connecting to that free WiFi. Some users even have their smartphones getting connected to the network automatically.

But is that safe? The answer is no. Connecting to a free WiFi without any safety measurements you risk losing your sensitive data such as credit card information or login details for your banking account. How does it happen and what you can do to prevent that from happening? Stay with us, we will tell you everything you need to know.

How can you get your information stolen because of free WiFi?

Routers in public places rarely receive proper security maintenance. They often run on outdated software which has a lot of vulnerabilities hackers can use as a doorway into the router’s system. From there, malefactors can get into any device connected to the network.

Thus, when you connect a public hotspot, you expose your data to hackers. And even there is nothing too important on your hard drive, they can still gather valuable information such as your passwords or credit card details. Or they simply can infect your device with a virus that will bring malefactors benefits later. This way or another, the bottom line is simple - it’s not safe to connect to the public WiFi without any precautions.

What can you do to protect yourself?

The solution is very straightforward - you merely need to use a VPN service such as iNinja. This free app will hide your device from prying eyes and safeguard you from hackers.

The VPN service works very simply - it reroutes your connection to another remote server and only then sends you to the destination website. Thus, you will pick up the IP address of that remote server, and as you arrive at the desired site, the destination server will see the address you’ve picked up, not your authentic one. As a result, your real IP remains hidden, as well as your device, and you stay anonymous and safe.

If you use iNinja when connected to a public WiFi, hackers can see that someone is using a VPN service. But they can’t track that user down and find the device. Therefore, they can’t get into your gadget merely because they can’t see it.

That’s how iNinja will help you to stay protected in public places. All you need to do is to turn the service on when you’re connecting to the hotspot and enjoy safe browsing without worrying about the possible consequences. You can get iNinja for any device and platform to keep all your gadgets secure.

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