A lot of people are using some VPN chrome extension to just hide their IP address to access some geo-restricted content. But even though the primary purpose for users to turn on a VPN app is to fake their location to view the website they need, this tool can do more for you. It all is about your cybersecurity. And while some people might think that using a VPN extension or a standalone app to keep oneself safe online is a bit too much, we at iNinja believe that an extra layer of protection is never unnecessary. So, what else a VPN can hide to make you more safeguarded?

Your IP address, obviously

An IP address is a set of numbers issued by an internet service provider. These numbers are unique, and they’re assigned to a single device. Therefore, they contain quite valuable information about you. And if your IP address gets unveiled by some experienced hacker, they can do quite a lot with it, including getting into your device and stealing sensitive data.

There are a lot of ways to discover someone’s IP address and to be fair, it’s a quite simple thing to do. So if you’re still thinking, “Do I need a VPN?”, the answer is yes. It will hide your IP address.

Consequently, your location

As we’ve mentioned, an IP address is assigned to a device, and it contains some of your data, including your location. In fact, it’s the first thing that comes up when someone gets their hands on your IP. You can use a VPN to access geo-restricted content by faking your location. But also, by doing so you will protect yourself from possible surveillance or hacker’s activity.

Websites you’ve visited

The iNinja VPN app encrypts your connection thus making it impossible for hackers to intercept. That’s why they won’t be able to find out your browsing history. But why would you want to protect it? Because malefactors can use it to harm you. They could study your browsing history to figure out a scam you will buy into. Or they could simply sniff out some sensitive details and blackmail you.

Your private messages

Here is another reason for you to use the iNinja app — to protect your messaging apps from prying eyes. With our best free VPN for Android, you will keep all your mobile apps such as Whatsapp or Messenger protected from malefactors. Therefore, no one will be able to spy on your private conversations.

Are you paranoid because you're using a VPN app?

You might be called that by people who are quite ignorant when it comes to cybersecurity. But any person who understands the possible risks will encourage you to use at least a VPN Chrome extension if not a standalone app. There is a reason why a lot of companies ask their employees to use a VPN when they’re working out of the office. And numerous firms apply a VPN to all the connections within their offices to remain safe.

iNinja VPN app will keep you protecting while not cutting your bandwidth. It means that you won’t even notice that you have something changed about your internet connection. At the same time, you will stay safeguarded. So there are virtually no cons in using a VPN.