How to visit blocked sites?

For a number of security reasons or other measures, unsolicited information is being restricted by authorities. There are lists with banned web pages and users are granted only limited access to some sources. Internet providers are often blocking certain messengers as well as websites. The issue of how to view blocked sites has become relevant to many users. However, there are ways to exploit the flaws of the blocking systems and get access to banned services.

Bypassing restricted services is possible, but it requires intermediaries which produce encrypted channels in favor of connecting with servers abroad. Your Internet traffic is going to be redirected through these servers. What serves as an intermediary?

Your device could be connected to a secure network with the help of special servers, web pages, and browser extensions or specials browsers. Could these intermediaries get shut down? Anything might happen in today’s environment, where authorities may search for these intermediaries and try to negotiate with them. However, it doesn’t happen often and there are still numerous ways you can learn to watch blocked sites through existing means. What do you need to unlock a banned page?

Just open a web anonymizer, which represents a website where you enter a link to particular content in order to access it. It is easy to find these services.

You can apply similar options as quick solutions and most of these anonymizers could get deleted at any time. If that’s the case, you have the possibility to search for other similar services, although this is not the most comfortable method. What would the long-term solution be?

In case you want to learn how to open blocked sites in Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then you will have to use extensions. You can also get the Opera browser which has a secure proxy server installed. The installed extension works just for your browser, but other applications won’t be capable of accessing the banned services. Such extensions have to resort to a constant switching of IP-addresses if the authorities are trying to close them down. Users perceive this process as a mere update.

Are there any means that I could use all the time? A great solution would be VPN software for your browser. This allows you to use foreign servers with your Internet traffic. Messengers may become available or the speed of downloads could significantly increase. You are able to connect your PC, laptop, and even specific routers to this network, although a lot depends on your provider. The user is given the chance to remove blocked sites from any location with a guaranteed rate of success. is a VPN service that is reliable and easy to use. You don’t need a special set of knowledge for its installation and can change your IP address at any time. Your computer is going to gain consistent protection against hacking as well as the ability to access any web pages while traveling. What else may be of assistance?

An additional tool is the Tor browser, although it may work slower than your standard browser. This means is more suitable for hackers and it is not recommended for common users. You may use another operating system from your flash drive; such is the Subgraph OS or Tails. No data from your actions will be kept on the Internet. Additionally, you could try using Whonix OS to ensure user anonymity.

If Tor is banned, then authorities may block the public nodes of the anonymous network. In that situation, you will have to utilize bridges to connect to the network and access prohibited sites.